Writing an obituary is a difficult and emotional task.   First, you will need to gather information from family and friends of the deceased about their childhood, education, career, military service, hobbies and interests.  We will assist in the composition of the obituary after we have gathered all the necessary information.  Family members sometimes choose to write the obituary.  Either option is suitable, just as long as all of the information is accurate.  Most newspapers now charge for all obituaries.  This charge will be either be a flat fee or a rate per line. Pictures may also be added to most obituaries.  A picture will usually add to the overall cost of the obituary.

When coordinating a funeral service, we will advise you as to the deadlines and schedules of the newspapers.  Often, families want the obituary placed in the newspaper before services begin.  The obituary will be approved by the family before it is sent to a newspaper.  Most newspapers will also publish the obituary on their respective web sites.  

As technology and social media expand, many newspapers have reduced the number of days of home delivery of the newspaper.  This reduction in delivery has necessitated the scheduling of services be more coordinated to the delivery of the newspaper.