About Us

The Shepardson Family Funeral Homes are owned and operated by the Shepardson family. A family owned funeral home will be operated by people who share values, ideals, and concerns with the community they serve. The Shepardson family owned funeral homes serve and adjust to the traditions and customs of the people who live in our neighborhoods. Our family owned funeral homes will always make the families we care for our first priority.


The Goddard-Crandall-Shepardson has been a funeral home in the Eastwood Community since the late 1930's. Originally started as the Goddard & Crandall funeral home by Bernard Crandall and Theodore Goddard, both residents of Eastwood, the funeral home was established in a 2 family house on James Street next to the Blessed Sacrament Church. The original building has been modified to be handicapped accessible. Thomas Shepardson purchased the business in 1978 from Theodore Goddard and established the Goddard-Crandall-Shepardson Funeral Home, Inc. Thomas Shepardson, also a resident of Eastwood at the time he purchased the business, was active in many community organizations and was instrumental in establishing a national disaster mortuary response team. The Shepardson family continues to own the business.

The Frasier-Shepardson funeral home is located on the North Side of the City of Syracuse in a building that was built in 1895 for the Zett family. The Zett family home was located on North Salina Street adjacent to the brewery behind the home. Neal S. Frasier and his family purchased the building in 1941 and established the Frasier Funeral Home. In 1961, Thomas Shepardson began working for the Frasier family and eventually became a funeral director for the firm. In 1971, the Frasier Funeral Home made Thomas Shepardson a partner in the firm and the name was changed to the Frasier-Shepardson Funeral Home, Inc. Robert Frasier, the son of Neal Frasier, died in 1975 and the Frasier family sold the business to Thomas Shepardson. The Shepardson family continues to own the business.