Burial Pricing

Traditional Church or Chapel Service             Services starting at    $4,410.00
The traditional funeral service is often held at the mortuary chapel or at a church selected by the family. During the service, the casket may be open or closed, depending on religious customs and personal preferences.
After the service is complete, family and friends of the deceased may drive to the cemetery for a brief graveside committal. We are pleased to offer personal service to each family honoring their faith or denomination if so chosen. One of our directors will meet with you to plan a service that offers both comfort and respect.
Service with Burial
A traditional church or chapel service with burial provides an opportunity for family and friends to join together for a formal ceremony, as well as a traditional graveside burial.
At the Shepardson Family of Funeral Homes, the traditional service with burial includes the following services:

  • Applicable standard professional services
  • Transfer of remains to funeral home
  • Embalming, dressing and other preparation of the body 
  • Use of facilities for two hours of visitation
  • Supervision of the visitation and funeral service
  • Use of chapel or additional staff and equipment for church service
  • Hearse
  • Memorial Package

A casket selected by the family will be an additional item.  A burial vault may be selected if it is required at the cemetery.

Cash advance items such as obituaries, copies of the death certificate, clergy honorariums, cemetery fees are not include.